About Northern European Automotive

Most of our new customers come to us from personal referrals. This "word of mouth advertising" is extremely precious to any business. We have found that Audi and Volkswagen owners are, in general, very intelligent and deliberating people that can see through heavy advertising tactics, and the added expense that this incurs. You won't find us trying to "bait" new customers with coupons, "sales" or "specials". We believe that our loyal customers are savvy enough to know that any business that discounts some items or services (to "bait" new customers) must, in turn, make up for it somewhere else.

The customers of Northern European Automotive are, in actuality, our most important assets. We realize that no one owes it to us to patronize us. We know that each and every time an owner brings their vehicle in, and entrusts it to us, that it is important to them that they be treated as though their business is appreciated and that their concerns and needs are taken seriously. We value the amicable and trusting relationships that we have developed with our clientele over the years. Many of our customers have been with us for ten years or more.

Sincere thanks to all of our customers for making Northern European Automotive a successful Independent Audi/Volkswagen service facility. It makes it easy for us to enjoy what we are doing. The positive feedback that we get reinforces the pride that we take in our work. We look forward everyday to fulfilling your service needs, and developing and keeping good business and personal relationships with you.


A Letter from the President:

My name is Timothy McLean and I started Northern European Automotive (NEA) in June of 1999. My goal was to build a high line auto repair shop where the vehicle owner could talk directly to me, the technician that would be working on his/her car. I wanted to make sure that when a customer brought their vehicle in for service that all their complaints or concerns were relayed directly to the technician that would be working on their car. I do not claim to be the best at what I do. I do claim that I will guarantee you 110% effort into repairing your vehicle properly, and if I don't have the answer to your problem or question then I will do my best to get you the proper answer.

NEA has earned its outstanding reputation in European car auto repair through fair business, honesty and loyalty to our customers. We continue to try to improve our customer satisfaction every day, but the core of our business is trying to fix your car's needs properly the first time at a fair and affordable price.

When you bring your vehicle in for service at NEA, your car will automatically receive a check over. We want to be able to alert you of any upcoming work you may need, whether its brake pads wearing out to oil leak that needs to be repaired immediately or whether it is just starting out and needs to be monitored. When a vehicle starts to develop a list of repair work needed, we will prioritize the jobs in order of what is most important to what you can hold off on. We attempt to provide our customers with as much warning as possible as to when certain repairs should be done in order to prevent catastrophic failure and damage.

I have stood by these goals for the last 18 years now and I still see some of the same faces that I saw 18 years ago. I thank all of you for your support and for allowing me to service and maintain your vehicles over the years. I look forward to servicing them for another 16 years.